An Electrifying Product Launch


Holden Volt Interactive Installation for Product LaunchClient:  Holden
Agency:  URBAN
Brief:  “Electrify” the launch of Holden’s new electric car with an interactive installation

URBAN approached Big Kahuna to help them launch the VoltHolden’s long-range electric car.

The brief was to imagineer the concept that URBAN sold to Holden — an interactive Volt game with the new car’s logo. To trigger the “buzz” about Australia’s first long-range electric car, URBAN pitched a dual-purpose build that would entice passers-by to engage with the brand through an interactive version of “Buzz” by day and serve as a glowing advertisement by night.

While the concept was there, a few questions remained such as the effects of wet weather, how it would appeal to all ages, what does a “buzz” trigger in the public’s response, how to demonstrate the car’s electric characteristics in daylight and so on.

Production drawings to match the Volt logo and take into account the size of the lettering to accommodate participants of various heights were output.

Holden Volt Interactive Installation-letter TThe logo was constructed from 316 grade stainless steel enabling, structurally, a massive span for the continuous 40mm SHS cantilevered, electrified track. The letters were assembled with connectors so that they could be dismantled for easy storage and transport.  The logo-circuit/ artwork was then affixed via heavy-duty steel tangs at either end of the aluminum composite clad steel base box. Engineering all okay… it was on with the dressage!

Holden Volt Interactive InstallationThe low-voltage LED strip lighting around the perimeter looked brilliant at night. In play,  as a participant touched the logo with the metal wand, they simply closed the normally open circuit. Integrated relays switched the lighting from the lettering to the lightning bolt (illustrated left) accompanied by an über-annoying and very loud custom gang of buzzers we concocted.

As a massive skill-tester (at 5-metres long), each participant was given three chances to run the metal wand from one side of the logo to the other as quickly as they could without setting off the buzzer.  The best performing participant of the hour received movie passes or a magazine subscription and the best performing participant of the day won an iPad mini.  (Rumour has it, the score to beat was 7 seconds!)

With each activation, Big Kahuna managed the transport, logistics and installation. Throughout December, the installation was found in Queensbridge Square, Fed Square (VIC), Bondi Beach and Martin Place (NSW).

BKI-Holden Volt-Melb-1 BKI-Holden Volt-Melb-2

Interactive Installation built by BKI for Holden Product LaunchInteractive Installation built by BKI for Holden Product Launch

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