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What I Didn’t Learn in a Lecture…

University is more than what you learn in a lecture theatre.   To find out about The Things You Didn’t Expect to Learn, we partnered with Troop Studios and The Monkeys, to build a custom recording booth where students were invited to share their experiences…
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It’s a winner! Huetown collaboration wins OMA accolade

We were mighty chuffed recently to hear our Huetown piece for Iris, Philips and Adshel won a ‘special build’ award for Outdoor Media Association (OMA) – which means it’ll also feature in their slick biennial book, OPEN.

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Monteith’s Troopy – Mobile Beer Sampling!

Take a Toyota Landcruiser Troop Carrier – add some bells and whistles and turn it into a mobile beer sampling unit – Now there’s a cool idea!

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Turning Newtown into Huetown

It’s been freezing every night this week – so spare a thought for the Big Kahuna install team, who were in Newtown doing an experiential installation for Adshel and Philips.   They transformed the bus interchange on Enmore Road into #Huetown – a dynamic, interactive light and sound experience that synchronises 24 Wi-Fi connected Hue globes with a selection of various tunes.  The temp got down to about 5 degrees, but they were installing the hottest display – certainly a warm up for those heading into Vivid Festival!!

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