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World first – Dom Perignon vending machine.

Just when you thought vending machines couldn’t get any fancier, we have designed one for Melbourne restaurant, Vue de Monde, that dispenses Dom Perignon. Tres fancy!
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It’s finally here! The official unveiling of S(W)ING

After what seems like (and has been) a long time coming – we are so pleased that S(W)ING is finally due to be unveiled on Saturday by Clover Moore at the opening of Heffron Hall.  Congratulations to Jenny Turpin and Michaelie Crawford on the design of an amazing interactive artwork realised in collaboration with US!

Proud moment.  It is truly a beautiful thing!  Will send more updates after the opening/unveiling! Well done all.


“Eclipse” lighting Centre-piece Pacha Sydney

Our Creative Director Will Colhoun was approached by ‘in the know’ creative agency Alfred and the talented show people at the world class Pacha Sydney to come up with an idea for their Eclipse Show – then make it happen! Challenge accepted!

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Jun Says The Voice Chairs are Better in Australia!

Voice coach finds it hard to maintain a good posture because the UK version of the chairs cause him to round his shoulders and hunch over.

Coach for The Voice UK, recently complained about the design of their version of the chairs saying they are much less comfortable than those used on the Australian version.  And, as the creative realisers behind The Voice Australia chairs, we’ll take that compliment! told The Sun that the the roundness of the swivel chairs leaves him with a hunched back and went on to say, “I don’t know why they have them like this. They’re not like that [on The Voice Australia].

“I sat in Seal’s chair. Their chairs are different, they’re straight. Ours are curved in so they make you [hunch your shoulders] all the time.”

Fellow UK coach, Jessie J also criticised the chairs in an interview with Radio Times recently.

She said: “Honestly, as a girl, it’s not the most comfortable chair.

“While all the guys can sit back and look relaxed, I have to sit really upright and forward or lean to the side.


The uncomfortable curved design of The Voice UK chairs forces coach Jessie J to lean to one side or sit forward.

“I feel so little in that chair – but at least my feet touch the ground. Will’s don’t!”

Accommodating the varying heights of the coaches for The Voice Australia was one of the challenges Big Kahuna Imagineering faced (and overcame) when designing the Aussie versions.  The ergonomics that The Voice UK chairs lack was another aspect we spent considerable time on as well as a number of subtle and yet not unimportant design features included by Big Kahuna that were extra to the generic chairs including “V-shaped” seat back support risers, custom-rolled aluminum “bum-view shields” (to avoid any celebrity cracks making an appearance)  and composite brushed aluminum box plates around the button which have proved to save the day in terms of wear and tear with those enthusiastic coaches hitting the top of the box with every part of their being (including height-promoting cowboy boots, big chunky jewellery and even foreheads.)

Find out more about our unique approach in designing and constructing the The Voice Australia chairs here…

Unfortunately, the UK coaches may not be able to look forward to more comfortable chairs next season as a BBC source stated: “Plans for series three aren’t under way until this one finishes. But I would imagine the same chairs will be back again next year.”

However, with’s vote, BKI would be happy to oblige so they can coach in comfort!