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2015 Big Kahuna Imagineering Scholarship Recipient – Jeremy Allen

In 2015, Jeremy Allen took up his Big Kahuna Imagineering scholarship at NIDA  and so far we’ve heard exciting reports about his progress. Along with his set designs, billed as having ‘enormous theatrical potential’, Jeremy has been making waves with some exciting costume designs. NIDA’s undergraduates present their productions twice a year (in June and October), and Jeremy’s creative outputs will be showcased at June’s production of Shakespeare’s The Tempest.

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Where Are They Now? 

des-elizabethgadsby des-hughoconnor

It’s been a full three years and counting since we started our scholarship program for design  students at NIDA. Recipients are hand picked by Head of Design, Michael Scott‐Mitchell. The funding helps buy the materials they need to experiment, and offsets living costs  such as food, transport and rent.

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