What I Didn’t Learn in a Lecture…

University is more than what you learn in a lecture theatre.   To find out about The Things You Didn’t Expect to Learn, we partnered with Troop Studios and The Monkeys, to build a custom recording booth where students were invited to share their experiences…

To launch the brand idea ‘The Things You Learn’, past and present students were invited to pass on their words of wisdom, based on what they didn’t learn in a lecture.


The booth was able to capture all their candid answers, everything from the ridiculous to the inspired, giving a unique perspective on Sydney Uni life.


Big Kahuna/DBX built a custom recording booth complete with cameras and microphones and the ability for The Agency client to prompt answers and liaise with the students via a ‘Big Brother’ type sound input to allow for the best recorded outcomes for post production.


The booth was classic cube shape with a triangle add-on to create an abstract speech bubble shape that hints to the idea.  The cube was in brand colours, which stood out well against the linear University buildings and built intrigue amongst students.


The booth was surrounded with smaller cubes so students could hang out outside.

Agency: The Monkeys/Troop Studios


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