Fountain by Hany Armanious


Fountain (2012) by Hany Armanious is a 3-tonne marble sculpture based on an anatomical model of the inner ear created as the inaugural work for the MCA’s Sculpture Series

Opportunities to work with such a time-honoured material as marble are rare.  Not only are there few contemporary marble artists, but even fewer who would (or could) enlist the help of a creative realisation studio like Big Kahuna Imagineering to create their artwork for them.

But we were honoured to serve as Hany Armanious’ art fabrication studio for the first piece of sculpture to grace the new terrace of the soon-to-be-revealed $53 million redevelopment of the Museum of Contemporary Art.

While many contemporary artists such as Jeff Koons, Damien Hirst and Rachel Whiteread regularly assemble specialist teams with the skills and access to resources and specialised machinery to execute their particularly complex projects, it is not an easy feat to find a business with a commitment to the artist’s project and the ability to focus solely on their work.  And the fact that this eight-month project, both artistically and technically demanding, was much more a research project than a job, exposes the depth of ethos, the depth of character that to what Big Kahuna commits, we commit.

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