Helping Sensodyne Help More Australians Enjoy Ice-Cold Indulgences

Client: Sensodyne (GlaxoSmithKline)

Agency: C4

Brief: Re-interpret the award-winning Sensodyne Chill Test campaign for smaller scale promotions

Sample of the in-store Sensodyne Chiller Units BKI custom designed & built

Having sensitive teeth is an issue BKI takes seriously. There are a lot of fantastic things that sensitive teeth can’t handle like ice cream, slurpees and cold beer. With that, Sensodyne is doing a great thing for mankind by providing a solution with their toothpaste that relieves the pain of sensitivity. In 2008, C4 approached us to help Bellamyhayden’s client Sensodyne get an edge above their competition and help Australians measure their sensitivity with a Sensodyne Trade Chiller Unit massive experiential marketing campaign in shopping centres around the country.

More information on the awards the Chill Test won…

The Sensodyne Chill Test engaged with customers at 20 Westfield shopping centres over the span of 20 weeks for total of 225,000 interactions.

The effort was such a huge triumph that Bellamyhayden (now merged with Naked) won the Grand Prix at the 2009 Media Federation Awards as well as the top award in the Food and Grocery category. Sensodyne was keen to capitalise on this success so C4 came back to BKI to create a smaller scale version of Sensodyne’s Chill Test that they could roll out in Priceline stores around Sydney.

BKI drew inspiration from the original Sensodyne campaign (a large igloo set staffed by four “toothfairies”) to imagine and create stand-alone, call-to-action units in a below-the-line strategy to encourage people to shop for Sensodyne toothpaste rather than their competitors at the store level.

Original Sensodyne Chill Test Campaign (left) and re-invented Chiller Unit

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