Pedal to the Metal

Client: Volkswagen

Agency: PLAY Communication

Project: Re-design and fabricate VW Pod

The newly-redesigned VW Pod made its debut at Belmore Park, Syd., just in time for the Chinese New Year Markets
Big Kahuna sketch for VW Pod

Volkswagen wanted the original concept of the VW Pod – a pedal-powered photo booth – re-designed for long-term, secure, outdoor use. With features like high-security lockout shutters, durable vinyl seating and sunlights, Big Kahuna gave our client exactly what they wanted.

The newly-redesigned VW Pod made its debut at the 2011 Chinese New Year Markets in Belmore Park, Syd., before heading to Darling Harbour the following weekend. The pod is meant to be circulating around the country throughout the next year. So, keep an eye out!

Queue for the VW Pod, Belmore Park, Syd.

VW's concept behind the Pod, Think Blue.

VW Pod drawing a crowd at Darling Harbour
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