The Ice Army – Wagner’s Ring Cycle

Art & Installations / Large Scale Props and Models

State Opera of South Australia



Design and fabricate 16 high-clear acrylic statues of Michaelangelo’s David

When the State Opera of Australia produced Der Ring des Nibelungen or The Ring Cycle, Big Kahuna Imagi- neering was called upon to create the Valkyrie ice army based on the form of Michealangelo’s David.  By vac-forming a fibreglass mould, we produced a set of sixteen high-clear, acrylic statues that looked fantastic on stage.

When the project was complete, Michael Scott-Mitchell said:

“Over the past few months, I have been working closely with Will Colhoun from Big Kahuna Imagineer- ing on the development of sixteen 2.1m high-clear acrylic statues of David for our production of Der Ring des Nibelungen.

At every stage of their development, Big Kahuna’s work has been meticu- lous. Their approach has been exemplified by extraordinary attention to detail and seamless project management of a very difficult project.

I canvassed a number of companies in regard to the most appropriate and cost-effective way of fulfilling the brief. BKI was the only company to find an artistically effective practical & cost- efficient way to produce the statues.

The final result is a joy to behold and is a testament to BKI’s ingenuity in attacking this difficult brief”.

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