Sensodyne Chill Test – Experiential Sampling Campaign

Brand Assets / Art & Installations



C4/Bellamy Hayden


We love this project because it reminds us of how Big Kahuna successfully collaborates with our clients on crazy ideas that work! For this project, the messaging had to be powerful to pull-in passersby while the mechanic had to be durable for a very tough schedule not to mention serviceable for later use. The Quirky, Creative Idea: An ice-water dispensing igloo serviced by Sensodyne toothfairies, changeable in size to suit varying site parameters.

The Result: The campaign won the Media Federation of Australia’s 2009 Grand Prix Award and the top award in the Food and Grocery category – we were pretty chuffed.

The unique promotion had people wanting to talk to the Sensodyne promoters instead of avoiding eye contact and speed walking past them like so many other campaigns. When the numbers came in, The Chill Test led to 225,000 interactions (145% more than expected), sales went up 20% during the weeks of the promotion, and average monthly sales went up 16% post-campaign. Yeah, we’d call that a success.


Case Study

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