Sliming Nickelodeon’s Headquarters

Client: Nickelodeon

Project: Make slime ooze from the ceilings and create a 5-metre long logo, dripping with slime that had exploded cartoonishly from the side wall

Big Kahuna created this 5-metre sign for the reception of Nickelodeon’s Sydney Headquarters

BKI's sketch of Nickelodeon sign

Any project from Nickelodeon gets our inner, goo-loving child jumping up and down in excitement. With a fantastic new fit-out for their Australian headquarters, Nickelodeon originally came to us to make slime ooze from the ceiling. Real slime not being a realistic option, we opted for 4.8m fibreglass versions of the green gunk and designed them to grope down the concrete columns peppered throughout their creative space. Ecstatic with the end result, Nickelodeon returned to Big Kahuna when they went through an international logo change to create brand signage for the front reception foyer.

Nick HQ in Sydney has a fantastic reputation for being one of the most fun places in the world to work so their reception has to shout that to everyone who walks through the door. The brief was to create a 5-metre long logo, dripping with slime that had exploded cartoonishly from the side wall.

The challenges we faced at Big Kahuna were coming up with a design that would successfully suspend all 11 letters in a perfect line-up that would stand off the wall obliquely. The letters were supported by a shadow board that sits exactly in the drop shadow of the letters — created by a single source light. Weighing in at 120-plus kilos, the structural cantilever loading was quite significant. The project wasn’t cheap, but the result was well worth it. Allegedly, the Australian headquarters has had so many compliments, BKI might even be asked to create similar signs for other Nick offices. To that we say, bring it on!

Readying the "slime" before installing it on the columns at Nick HQ


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