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World first – Dom Perignon vending machine.

Just when you thought vending machines couldn’t get any fancier, we have designed one for Melbourne restaurant, Vue de Monde, that dispenses Dom Perignon. Tres fancy!
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Written in the sand…

AS the sun rose over Bondi Beach this morning, 9883 was written on the sand to symbolise the number of Australians expected to die from melanoma in the next five years…
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“Eclipse” lighting Centre-piece Pacha Sydney

Our Creative Director Will Colhoun was approached by ‘in the know’ creative agency Alfred and the talented show people at the world class Pacha Sydney to come up with an idea for their Eclipse Show – then make it happen! Challenge accepted!

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Barrel to Bondi: Behind the Scenes with BKI

We’ve seen a lot of the agency/client side of the Jim Beam story, but here’s a little look from the creative realisers’ point of view… check out those waves!