A Big, Inflatable Brief


A footy fan takes a flying leap on the BKI-built Metricon Marks inflatable football field

Kicking off the 2012 AFL season oOhfactor! teamed up with Metricon to marry an outdoor brand experience with maximum online engagement and brought Big Kahuna a big, inflatable brief.

To build brand awareness of the home building company (and major supporter of the Gold Coast Suns AFL team), oOh!media’s experiential team – oOhfactor! – dreamed up an inflatable Metricon branded backyard game of football that provided the opportunity for football fans to take a ‘speccy’ mark during Suns home games and share their photos with thousands of their fellow Facebook-ers. He (or she) who had the most unique ‘shares’ on Facebook at the end of the AFL season, won a barbeque with players from the Gold Coast Suns.

To realise the oOh!media dream, Big Kahuna delivered a 7m x 7m inflatable footy field accompanied by a life-size blow up doll… I mean, footy player… and topped it off with a marquee that would not only keep this year’s heavy rains at bay but also provide support for the bouncy field.

Metricon Marks Activation

Metricon Marks Activation Concept
With the level of abuse this activation was likely to be hurled, safety was a big factor in the design of the Metricon build. Not only was the field designed by the Big Kahuna team to be supported by the steel beams of the marquee but sand bags, safety ropes and ballast tanks were also strategically placed to provide added security so footy fans of all shapes and sizes could safely hurl themselves off the mount to take their mark.

With all of the pieces in place, Jim and Simon packed up the Metricon activation on a trailer and made the 12-hour journey to the Gold Coast in time for the first home game then handed over an easily assembly guide to the four-man team who would be responsible for assembling and disassembling the activation for the rest of the season.

GM of oOhfactor!, Matt Boyd said: “Combining away-from-home with social media is a growing trend as advertisers seek to extend the impact of out of home to build ongoing dialogue. Metricon is among a number of property-related companies that are turning to out-of-home as a cost effective way to bring their brand alive within the communities in which they operate”.

As always, the Big Kahuna Group is proud to be a part of another successful oOhmedia! project!

From truck to installation, here’s how the first activation unfurled…

Metricon Set Up
BKI sets up Metricon Marks Activation