Big Kahuna Mirrors Excitement for The NGV Gala Night

The National Gallery of Victoria’s (NGV) Annual Gala Night is a standout event in Australia’s social calendar.

When major sponsor, American Express, had a vision to make it bigger and better than ever, we were approached and asked to create an unforgettable immersive experience – and create, we did!

The star-studded guest list, which included Natalie Portman, Poppy Delevingne and Adam Goodes, entered the hall and discovered our American Express Platinum Mirror Walk (shown above), which quickly became the attraction of the evening.

As the sharply dressed attendees lined up to strut their stuff, they were treated to their own glamorous Cinderella moment as the 20-piece mirror set followed them down the catwalk, with camera flashes, smoke and music swirling all around.

It was quite a thrilling experience. It’s no wonder why over 250 people made their way to the stage to have their own piece of the action.

But something like this doesn’t come together overnight. There’s a lot of work which goes into a project this elaborate.

Here’s the story behind our American Express Platinum Mirror Walk and how we brought this marvellous construction to life in the space of just five weeks!

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Big Kahuna Fans the Festivities for The Year of The Pig

With February marking the beginning of the Chinese New Year, the festivities saw our Big Kahuna Imagineering team pigging out to celebrate the Year of the Pig in Sydney’s World Square, attracting thousands of snap happy people from everywhere around.

Commissioned by World Square’s management team alongside fashion designer and television presenter, Claudia Chan Shaw, they were looking for a perfect centrepiece attraction to place at the heart of the district, to ring in the new Lunar Year with colour and light.

Hence, we went about masterfully crafting this fabulous trio of piggies to see their dreams fulfilled.

But a lot goes into making such amazing pieces – so, for those who enjoy the behind-the-scenes experience, here is the story behind all the pink tails and red fans.

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