Monteith’s Troopy – Mobile Beer Sampling!

Take a Toyota Landcruiser Troop Carrier – add some bells and whistles and turn it into a mobile beer sampling unit – Now there’s a cool idea!


With the Brief being thrown down as:

  • Create a vehicle that can drive 5,000kms, park easily, carries a keg, cylinder and
    cooler to serve the perfect beer from
  • Needs to carry two people in front seat and storage elsewhere in vehicle for bags and boxes
  • Needs to look cool and do something!!

The objectives of the brief were to:

  • Deliver physical sampling of the new Pointers Pale Ale to Australian target customers
  • Tell the Monteith’s credentials story
  • Physically create a brand experience which includes a sampling mechanic to support the sales reps with the sell in of the product.

A creative solution was devised to support the launch, and sell in of the new Monteith’s Pointers Pale Ale in Australia.

In Australia, Monteith’s is better known as a Cider Brand. The transition the Monteith’s brand wants to undertake over the next 3 years in Australia is a move from a Cider brand to a Beer and Cider brewing brand. To achieve this, beer needs to be become the lead for the brand.   What better way to showcase their product to prospective publicans than to pull up and offer them a Monteith’s Beer from the back of our mobile sampling unit!  Genius!

From this…


To this…

A mobile bar!

and this in between…