“Eclipse” lighting Centre-piece Pacha Sydney

Our Creative Director Will Colhoun was approached by ‘in the know’ creative agency Alfred and the talented show people at the world class Pacha Sydney to come up with an idea for their Eclipse Show – then make it happen! Challenge accepted!

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The show was to draw on the enchanted physical phenomenon of the sun and moon ECLIPSING with the Pacha dancers to effectively “hail” the descending feature lighting piece.  Will chose the most dynamic form – being that of a sphere – to open (a la a lotus flower or seed pod) then spread into an approx 4.5 metre, 5 pointed, mirror reflective disco ball with LED lighting strip rays (akin to the amazing deep sea invertebrate electric colour chasers).

All battery powered (5 x 24 V linear actuators) smoothly push up the five petals whilst fog smoke pumps through a dry ice store on board, illuminated by a rotating LED gobo light pointing straight down and borrowing a little from ‘Close Encounters’.  All up the 300 plus kilo 1.8 metre diameter sphere contains around 28 different electrical items sequenced in turn to perform per the musical cues via an on-board programmable logic controller and 2 x 60amp robotic motor controllers.

Go check it out – the Eclipse Show is on rotation every two weeks till the end of the year.

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