BKI serves up a sweet treat in Sydney

Who doesn’t love Cadbury Chocolate?

Especially when it’s a box of Favourites, where you get to pick and share the ones you love the most.

What if we also said it was 10 metres high, in the middle of Sydney City, with the Breakfast Team from 2DayFM, and a prize inside worth $1 million? 

Have we got your attention yet? Here’s how Big Kahuna Imagineering created this sweet work of chocolatey art that attracted quite a lot of attention.

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BKI Builds Sydney Running Festival’s Iconic Stand

When it comes to places to work, you don’t get much better than this.

Will, Jen and the BKI team were treated to a lovely, grassy office over the weekend provided by The Gemba Group and Blackmores Sydney Running Festival, when they commissioned us to build them this amazing centrepiece stand that was on display as the runners headed triumphantly towards the finishing line.

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Big Kahuna helps Selleys nail Triple M Challenge

Our Big Kahuna Imagineering (BKI) team has seen a lot of crazy requests and built some amazing projects for our clients, but this was certainly a sticky one!

Selleys challenged Gus “Gussy” Worland from the Triple M Grill Team to sit on a chair stuck to a wall 4 metres in the air, using only Selleys Liquid Nails Instant Hold Glue – all while loyal listeners threw powder-filled projectiles at a target on his chest for a chance to win $5K!

Gussy was up for the promotional stunt, but how were we going to do it?

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Jumping Onboard W Hotel’s Glam Pineapple Caravan

At Big Kahuna, we’re all for having a great time, and were we in for a tropical treat with this one!

AZBCreative approached us looking for something glamorous to take around Australia to herald the arrival of several W Hotels. They wanted to make a bold statement and have a party while doing it, so we joined them on the ride!

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