Big Kahuna helps Selleys nail Triple M Challenge

Our Big Kahuna Imagineering (BKI) team has seen a lot of crazy requests and built some amazing projects for our clients, but this was certainly a sticky one!

Selleys challenged Gus “Gussy” Worland from the Triple M Grill Team to sit on a chair stuck to a wall 4 metres in the air, using only Selleys Liquid Nails Instant Hold Glue – all while loyal listeners threw powder-filled projectiles at a target on his chest for a chance to win $5K!

Gussy was up for the promotional stunt, but how were we going to do it?

Setting the Scene

We were tasked with coming up with a way to make this challenge a reality, which involved constructing and installing a branded wall for the 2-hour stunt which occurred on Thursday, 14th of June.

The Big Kahuna team went to work designing the entire system to meet the challenge’s requirements while ensuring Gussy’s safety. Our Creative and Technical Director, Will Colhoun, had the idea to erect a temporary scaffolding structure, then hoist a structural wall from it and tie-off via rigging traditions. The whole aluminium truss formation could form somewhat of a proscenium for the plywood wall. The panel with the feature chair would then be flown-in, showing from all angles that only the Selleys adhesive was in play!

It was a PLAN.

Seven days before the gig, we pre-adhered the chair onto the panel using only the Selleys glue, allowing it to cure for the duration.


Will is always up for being our test dummy, so he gave it a try first with not only himself, but also one hundred kilograms of weights attached to him… and the chair did not budge. The glue performed brilliantly!  The chair was ready to be lifted into place high upon the wall, with Gus’ name on it.

How do we get Gus up there?

Right, so the wall was ready and the chair was up – how did we get a man onto it?

We shoved Gussy into an aerial stunt harness and flew him 4 metres up in the air to place his significant mass onto the seat (no offence, Gussy! You were well up for it and a brilliant sport).


This was when the fun began! The three lucky Triple M Listeners were then lined up to hurl the powder bombs until one of them hit Gussy in the target on his t-shirt – and won $5000!

Did we nail it?

Absolutely! “Liquid Nailed” it! We were very proud of our work and it was a great outcome for everyone involved.

In fact, Sharon from Selleys gave Will the firmest handshake of appreciation he had ever experienced, which was fitting given the product being used in this stunt.

As for Triple M, they breathed a deep sigh of relief when Gussy was returned safe and sound and back to earth without a scratch. It was a really fun day and our team at Big Kahuna was glad to be a part of such a great project.

To see the full video of the stunt, click here.

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