Jumping Onboard W Hotel’s Glam Pineapple Caravan

At Big Kahuna, we’re all for having a great time, and were we in for a tropical treat with this one!

AZBCreative approached us looking for something glamorous to take around Australia to herald the arrival of several W Hotels. They wanted to make a bold statement and have a party while doing it, so we joined them on the ride!

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Growing the idea from ground-up

As part of their “normal gets you nowhere” campaign, they wanted a highly pimped out DJ booth in the shape of a pineapple that could be transported to venues along the eastern seaboard, led by a drag queen troupe to entertain large crowds of people.

What a request if there ever was one!

The idea behind the concept was to make a lot of noise on tour, which is why they insisted on the importance of the perfect sound system that could deliver a music experience like none other, all while looking fabulous.

So, how do we bring this idea to life?

Adding the touch of golden bling

To get the right effect, we knew the solution was to make the pineapple into a rendition of a giant disco ball, with gold mirror tiles rendering the entire form – we were making the perfect outdoor activation centrepiece for a party!



Pump up the volume!

But it’s wasn’t just about the looks. As part of meeting the music requirements, a sound system was installed inside that was second-to-none; you could’ve run an entire nightclub with what went into this machine.

The end result was 700kg of pineapple and about 150kg of DJ equipment that made a lot of noise and was visually spectacular, with a professional DJ (W Brisbane’s full-time Music Curator, Kane Dignum) inside the booth pumping out amazing tracks for everyone to enjoy.


The Backstage Pass

But how does the DJ get in? We designed a sturdy curved ‘key stoning’ wall door at the back of the pineapple that allowed entry, while being able to be locked securely to remain at the venue overnight. This had to be carefully designed so that it was wide enough to install the equipment inside and allowing for safe access.

Transportation on tour

The real Imagineering from our team came when we had to find a way to be able to move this fabulous pineapple from venue to venue.

The height of the pineapple was around 4.5 metres, which is not an ideal height for the road…

To enable a small touring crew to erect the feature pineapple head atop the DJ booth structure, without the need for Hiab crane truck or similar, the structure sported a cunning flip-top lid. Transport logistics were cut to just two men, a Pantech with full lift-back, and a bunch of counterweights. The roughly 150kg lid and pineapple head with integrated LED lighting loom could be readily swung through 180 degrees from flipped open (for transport) to up and at’em for each event within minutes.

The public’s reaction


It seems that the client got their just desserts with this sweet DJ booth! The hashtag #WRoadTrip is picking up momentum across Australia with people posting photos of themselves partying alongside the crew to celebrate the W Hotel Launch

In terms of exposure, the public interest it has sparked for the brand has been amazing, and it’s good to see how much publicity the topical piece is getting across all different types of media.

We couldn’t be happier with the result, and that’s why our team do what we do, after all!

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